Alcatel: Romtelecom impins pe broadband de mobili /5.07.2006

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Alcatel: Romtelecom impins pe broadband de mobili /5.07.2006
Dan Bedros – CEO Alcatel Romania:
I share the opinion of Ericsson, since we share the same market.
To be more accurate, the growth of Romtelecom was prepared long before as far as the backbone and sites are concerned.
Yet the decision came rather late and was determined by the dynamism of mobile operators switching over to 3G and by cable operators offering voice over IP and Internet.
So Romtelecom could not but choose to switch over to broadband, since broadband is the only future for fixed operators.
The selection process of the two providers – Alcatel and Ericsson – for the broadband and NGN contract also took quite a long time, six months.
And it is always the suppliers that need to pick up pace and overcome the delay.
We had to carry out in thre months what was set initially for 6 months and hence the increase in speed. So nothing is random in this world. What counts is that Romtelecom decided to go broadband and the marketplace is open. I think Romtelecom did right by choosing not to start only in the big cities.