Alcatel: The public sector needs lots of work /5.07.2006

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Alcatel: The public sector needs lots of work /5.07.2006
Dan BEDROS: Orange speaks enough through its actions. I think Orange has the same policy as Vodafone. They have a consolidated direction, full steam ahead.
This sector clearly belongs to private investments. And they work.
In my oppinion, the next phase depends a lot on the state, on the government strategy, since the business is becoming largely non-telecom, meaning railways, police, administration, e-health.
As regards security systems, it is clear we live in an uncertain world and we have to introduce video surveillance on the big avenues, in cities and schools.
Here there is work to be done for everybody, since you need software, image recognition, video transmission etc.
We are disadvantaged the public administration is lagging behind in terms of IT. We need to build a national data network to link all the local administrations and to have an investment policy.
The new healthcare act provides for building new regional hospitals, which will be linked by video to the small cities. There was a pilot project in Chilia.
Also, by the end of this year we will link by satellite the hospitals in Viso (Italy) and Timişoara,
because in Timişoara live 15.000 Italian citizens who pay their health insurance in Italy. The Italians obtained the funding from EU, yet we discovered that in the Viso region also live 30.000 Romanians.
So these massive movements of people in Europe need communications.
It is clear to me that Romania follows the example of France in many aspects. For example, we should introduce the health insurance ID card Vital Plus. For that you need handsets, network and interconnections, so the pyramid expands and there is work for everybody.
There is a lot of work to be done these next years.
Actually, the question is: can we prepare ourselves to access the EU funds?