30 Days with Bretman Rock Season 1 Episode 4 (YouTube, Part.4 Finale)

35 mins ago – 30 Days with: Bretman Rock Season 1 Episode 4 Starvation is gnawing away at Bretman Rock so he uses what his ancient ancestors used to learn how to make fire and watches YouTube.

LOS ANGELES, CA, JUNE 15, 2021 — YouTube Originals today announced “30 Days With: Bretman Rock” a new documentary series that takes viewers along for the journey as Bretman Rock, superstar YouTube creator, beauty entrepreneur, and fashion icon ventures into the wilds of the Hawaiian jungle to see if he can survive one week on his own. Episode 1 of his four-part docu-series premieres June 30, only on YouTube.

Over four episodes, viewers will see how Bretman prepares for and handles his solo adventure dedicated to the memory of his late father. With his signature hilarious attitude, Bretman will mentally and physically prepare with his friends and family, train with a survival skills specialist, and venture into the jungle to see if he has what it takes to overcome any obstacle. Fans can also see more of Bretman’s day-to-day life by following his personal YouTube channel, which has amassed over 8.45M subscribers. Watch 30 Days with Bretman Rock (YouTube, Season 1 Finale)