Vodafone Romania: We go HSDPA and Super-3G /5.07.2006

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Vodafone Romania: We go HSDPA and Super-3G /5.07.2006
Marian Pantazescu – senior director network operations Vodafone România
The Vodafone brand arrived in Romania 14 months ago and already launched several services that proved to be successful on the Western markets:
3G/UMTS launched 13 months ago;
a mobile portal, Connex Play, migrated to Vodafone live! less than a month ago;
and the Vodafone portfolio of roaming and international services.
As far as broadband and mobility are concerned in Romania, Vodafone has a clear roadmap.
We plan to launch services very similar to those planned for the more mature markets in Western Europe
in respect to the evolution of 3G services and technology,
such as HSDPA and its evolved successor technology, or Super-3G.
We plan to have several launches of Super-3G, in limited areas, starting this very year.
We should note that Connex, that was commercially launched in 1997, was one of the first operators to launch broadband-like data and voice services for the business segment in 2000-2001.
În 2003, Connex extended its portfolio with converged fixed-mobile voice and data services. We speak here of integration not only of the bill, at client level, but integration in the network.